Friday, November 11, 2016

When things don't go your way...

"Its so hard to deal with this kind of emotion when you think someone actually care about you. Fuck you dude. Thought of being best friend with you but certainly you dont know anything about being a best friend. I opened up to you about my life and shared everything but what I got from you. NOTHING. ZERO. Fuck it. Yes Im over exaggerate about this but Im taking this too seriously. Maybe Im so desperate about having a best friend. Because I never had one. So you came along with all the qualities that everyone like. Everyone is so dependent on you but you can manage yourself well. Okay dude, stop being an ego bastard. I hate your guts dude. Please try to understand me. I dont want to go to you like I used to and spread shit all over your face. Im done with you. Im always be the one who knock on your door. Maybe Im an ego bastard as well but fuck it. Im so done with you. You are known to be the most helpful person in the entire world. Always taking care of everybody but when I have a problem YOU NEVER ASK! FUCK YOU. Yes Im jealous because you are the one that I can trust in this shit hole and never ask me whether you did wrong because you know you never do anything wrong. Fuck you. Damn you. Damn you. and plus now you hold a responsibility to be our leader. I hate you even more. We planned before to stay away from anything that have to do with the organization after one year but everyone seems to care so much about this damn persatuan and nominate you. Im fucking mad bro and you never ask me for help because you never respect me."

This is from last year. I kept this in my draft for so long because I scared I will lose a friend. No.
What I wanted and prayed for is being answered. Alhamdulillah.
Its the other way around. I'm so stupid. 
I can say that I have a friend that actually care about me. The one that never give up on me even though I always get mad because of silly things. Allah has answered my prayers. He did opened up to me after so long I wanted him to do that. He cried because he almost gave up on being friends with me but he didn't. He care for me to much like a brother and I do to. 

Thanks bro. Brothers till jannah. You are my best friend. No one can ever replace you. You are my person. The person I go to when I'm in trouble, sad, happy. I will be very pissed if you started dating and ignore me. But you didn't. We start together and finish together. That is our mission. I love you from the bottom of my heart. 


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