Friday, December 26, 2014


Im going mental over the simplest thing. I dont know why recently I got very dependent and overly attached to someone. I get so angry and upset being left alone and Im going crazy over the fact that maybe they forgotten me. I seem to get lost a lot. Recently I have been getting worse, I seem to be really happy then one silly thing got me so annoyed and angry. Especially to a particular person. Ya Allah, I think I have a some kind of bipolar disorder. Who knows, maybe its just an early detection. I must go check to psychiatry or something. Im really ashamed of my actions towards that person. Its like Mr. Creepy or Weirdo. Damn, I lost it. Totally lost it. Im so fucking sorry dude. Im needy. But the truth is deep down inside I really want a best friend but the way I acted. Sorry bro Im not going to be friend with you. Come on Azuan....

Chill dude chill....

Sunday, December 21, 2014

Too Selfless

You care too deeply and too selflessly and it makes everyone else look bad. That's your so called weakness. But to be honest with, its actually an unbelievable, rare strength. Yea rite! When you truly care for someone, you make them an important part of you. You stay with them through their sorrows and heal their pains. No one can even say they protect and care as much as you for someone whom you love. Your loved ones never forget you and they always keep you in their hearts. Never forget that Azuan.