Sunday, November 13, 2011

Just a reminder.

One week left before exam,
am I ready?
Just a reminder.
Last exam didn't went well,
Still want to keep this kind of attitude?
Remember the past,
Focus. Determination. Hardworking.
This three words.
No need to explain.
Just a reminder.
To wake you up from unrealistic.
Reality now, you are a student.
Future, your ambition.
Just a reminder
Your Parents, Siblings.
Make them proud.

Just a reminder.

Yours truly,

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Pencetus Semangat.

Bukan nak kate ape tp sbg motivasi dan pemangkin untk aku berjaya. Just want to congratulate Dr. Mohd Zafrullan Zamberi and Dr. Mohd Nasum Abdul Kuthosee for their high achievement. Kowang buat aku rase bangga because you guys blaja kat Indonesia gk......

Peace Out!

Friday, November 11, 2011

Birt Hogg Dube..

Birt Hogg Dube? What is that? Before I proceed with the meaning of the name, I want to let you guys know that last Friday (21th Oct) I attended OSPEK with all my friends. It is compulsory for us juniors to attend that thingy because it is one of the 'syarat' to be the PKPMI members (Persatuan Kebangsaan Pelajar-Pelajar Malaysia Di Indonesia). Before this, we have heard all the things happened in the OSPEK, how they will organized it, like what or something like that. As being told by the some seniors, they will definitely rag us. So, my mind like wutta??!..this 19 years old kid still have to ragging2 ah?! no need la...So, blah blah blah.....(semua complaint sume komen da dikeluarkan oleh mulut aku).....sampai OSPEK. Here are the 13 'lucky' juniors!

On that Friday, I just went there with open heart and willing to do anything they being told us to do. Of course la juniors have to respect seniors. (Lame!). hehe..First day, we gathered at FK and from there, we walked to the senior's house in line. You know like tadika kids that want to cross the road. Senang cite cam itik lah..(Cam haram). That's okay for me but I'm not sure about the others.

Sesudah sampainye di rumah mereka, we have to clean the entire house. Simple matter. After that they gave us names like Cofin Siris, Kabuki, Cotards and myself Birt Hogg Dube. All the names given have their meanings and all the names are about syndrome. Thanks to Kak Milfa. The meaning of my name is about a rare disorder that affects the skin and lungs and increase the risk of certain types of tumors. If you want to know more, gi search internet lah...Our job is to find the meaning and memorize other's name also and thanks to abg Shukri, he helped us find the meaning.

That evening is the start of ragging activities. Ragging activities...haha...wutta?!...First and foremost they ordered us to drink something 'delicious yet healthy' drink which is a mix of petai with some coluring liquid to make it more attractive. I guess. I just have to bear with it because it is the part of ragging. If we rebel, there will be consequences. I just shut up and think about something else. Yeah it worked.

Haema kesian kene minum due kali..

Kak Alina or should I call Dr Alina...hehe

Next activities are we have to listen to abg Mujahid and kak Alina's talk. It is something about how to survive if we are in worst-case scenario la camtu. Sorry. Cepat lupe..and that for me is very important. Tu je la. yg len hampeh. Many of us did not pay attention that much. Maybe because we were tired. That night finished early like 12.30 pm camtu la..Awal la sgt...

The next day, we have to wake up at 4.30 pm. Typical orientation la kene bangun awal2. After we finished our solat subuh, senam robik la pulak...Actually ok la have la sket..Oh wait..aku da malas nk type byk2...we continue with graphics la sng cite...

Hell's Night. 

Hell's night huh..This is the part when all the seniors jadi 'Setan'. I'm just saying. Not that they all like setan. They just pretend to act that way so that they can test us how well we juniors can deal with the pressure. Termasuk dalam tujuan OSPEK sbenarnye. For me, herm....tak stress sgt because some of the seniors were very kind to me. Wow, lucky me. They also asked me to sing. Okay, u got me there. I like singing. Most of the time when I'm alone la...hehe...Credits to Kak Arifah, Kak Rozie and Abg Rashvinder Singh yg aku slalu salah panggil name for three times..Ayoyoyo...Rajindran...hahaha..sorry Abg Kavi..Hahaha...but still I'm actually pretty much annoys with all the things they did not to me but to the rest of juniors. I just wanna go to sleep already but I cant. Shaaaiiiitittssss...

Then continue with next activities with fake willingly face and fake smile. Joging time! Haih...ok la...ade la sket aktiviti yg aku minat....After joging, kitowang buat sand castle!!

Before jogging..

At least after jogging, we can smile a bit. Still faking it. (Me)

Sterusnya BEST!! Finally masuk part yang boleh la aku nak gelak. Aktiviti sukaneka lah..Kitowang sume enjoy. Gelak sini dan gelak sane...

Yeah...we have fun.

Tak abis lagituh...ade lagi...Amazing Race la haram. Terpakse la ikut..n then ade la pit-stop die. Pastu last2 kitowang maen basah2 la plak. Dibasahi oleh senior2 tersayang.....


Hahah..iqram tak puas ati...

Day 3...OSPEK is almost over! Yeah...but no..still no yay...kitowang ade last aktiviti...haih...Tgk la...aktiviti tutup mate...sambil2 tuh ade la background music yg sedeyh...tak pon!!! sorry Kak Farah...hehe...and also kene jerit2 and marah2 oleh mereka!....

Tengah dengar bebelan senior.

Kesian Livin ngn Iqram..hahahah..

Wanna kill myself...sian kau Vadhana..

Haahah..."kau bakal disembelih" Muahahahahahaa!!!

Yo wuzzzupppp!!!! Syarmira n Maha...

Then, after that...the end. All the jerit2 and buli2 da abeh. They automatically change their whole OSPEK's personality to their true self. Haih...what a relief. Tp ade lagi...last punye aktiviti..last lagi..haih...ade anugerah2 junior and senior. Hahahaha...Kategorinya termasuk junior lelaki and perempuan terbaik....But in my mind da curse da...what la...bile nak abeh ni weyh!!! F*** arh!!! !#@$%#%#^^$.....sume da kluar da dalam pale otak aku...mmg dasar aku la..kalo da tak thn..hello..i da lebih limit tau...(gedik la aih...)...tahan je paling tak tahan..dgn muke yg fake...dgn perasaan yg tak puas ati...penat..and malas...anugerah junior lelaki terbaik jatuh pada Birt Hogg Dube!!!! Aku la...waaahhhhh....terus jadi tak penat...typical aku la...hahah...


dan perempuan terbaik.........

Errrr......Ismail!!!!! Krikk...krikkk...krikkk..

Hahahha...mael yg dpat sbb senior laen kate prempuan junior tak sporting! hahaaha..wahh,...kesiannye...penat2 depa senyum...join sume...tak dihargai...takpa lah...lumrah kehidupan guys...hehehe...

Tp kan....

Even though all the bad shit happened to us. We manage to get through with spirit and self confidence. Kitowang tak pun give up, but still kitowang lakukan dgn terbaek..siap senyum2 lg apabila kene marah..Nice la Syarmira..and to all my batchmate. Kita hebat lah...lantak la diowang nk ckp ape pon..kite hebat. 

and to Seniors!!

Thank u for all the hard work. I know u guys have hard time to manage OSPEK and also u guys pernah berada di tempat yg same. Thanks to all. You guys have shown us the reality of being a doctor. Kene marah, kene maki hamun..tuu mmg cabaran bg kehidupan seorang doktor...Ape kowang buat sket pon aku tak terasa....hahaha..thanks...