Thursday, March 31, 2011

Fiq - Manifestasi Cinta Feat Mirwana :Official Video Clip (CST Production)

Penemuan dua budaya....macam ni la baru syok! best lagu Bukti Cinta - Mirwana!
tgk la kat youtube....sedap...

All she knows

Once again I'm hurting you,
Tears running from your eyes.
And I'm on the other side,
Knowing that you want me,
But I cant do anything,
I'm so helpless dear.

Everyday same old things,
So used to feeling pain,
Never had a real love before,
that's why,
And it ain't your fault.

You know better but
you cant help it,
Want to tell you but
that will be so selfish,

How do you heal,
A heart that cant feel, it's broken.

His love is all you know, all you know......

You've been doing like this for so long,
You dont know the difference?
The way I'm avoiding you..
It's killing me.
You can have so much more,
yet I'm the one you looking for..
But still I'm close my eyes on you,
So I cant see you....
Hope you will understand, someday....

I know you know...but I'm still hoping that you will do the right thing...

Ya Allah, Please forgive me...

Enough all of this. I am a horrible person. Ya Allah, please guide me through all this. I am hopeless, helpless, and I hurt many people directly or indirectly. Seriously, need a massive change. I am not perfect. Please do remind me. Give me hidayah. I need to be certain on what I am focusing. I want to achieve my goal without any complications but still without it, I cant achieve it. So, please Allah give me strength to cope and deal with my life. All the lies and all the heartbroken....enough!...

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

My birthday!

Today is my birthday! hehe....terharu...sbb ramai wish...thanks to FB....kalo takde FB, mmg la sket owg wish aku...ceh...thanks once again..nk hadiah? mmg la...walaupun da besar tp nk lg...hehe....bufday party...? ok ....

bufday aku la hari ni!!!!!!!!

haha...the best part is...aku smbut bday aku mcd tgah2 malam...bli big mac set large...makan sowang2...
and that is the best thing about my birthday...
yay me!!!!!

sedap........lame tk makan! heeee

Monday, March 21, 2011


After foundation,!!! melalak aku menyanyi lagu kegemaran....lantak aku...maen gitar kakak aku yg tak penah aku reti...walaupun da byk kali die ajar....

Yeah...indeed no life... passion..yummm......


playing games all night...

but still aku boring....mcm hampeh...ramai membe pon tak cuti...camner ni......kluar pon da byk kali....still boring...pergh.....

Wednesday, March 2, 2011


Alhamdulillah....Sem 2 sudah tutup tirainye. Huhuhu...Final examination pun da abes! Lega! But I cant wait for the result to come out. heeeee....poyo. huhu....yay!!!!!!!!!!!!!

peace out~!

T03. The best class ever!!

This blog I want to dedicate to my fellow friends from class T03 yg sangat best. X penah aku dpt class yg gempak camni walaupun bilangan jelita lebih bnyk drpd jejaka but still it is the best class I've ever had. Ok. From the start, aku nk cite psl aku mule2 smpai di KMKN. Mule aku dpt kelas yg Mamat, Fendi, Baihaqi and the other girls aku tak igt. Pastuh kene rombak kelas. Alah, sekejap je pon. Then, the real one I discovered that there were only two guys in my class which were me and Harith. The girls, Syahirah, Farhana, Fatin, Diana and Fairuz. Aku pon cam happy gak. Sket je. The, I was wondering at that time who was Harith Afifi pastuh ade sorang mamat ni dtg bilik aku....die pon bg salam, die tanye aku "Azuan eh?" ok...hahah..aku pon tny balek. "Afifi eh?" pastuh die ckp " jgn panggil Afifi, malu la...hehe..panggil Harith je" aku pun cam okk....haha...At that moment, aku tau yg die ni bdak kelantan. haha...I know from the accent. huuuh...ok...Harith la yg first tegur aku among all the classmates, of course la die sorang je budak laki...hehe...Hari pertama da kitowang sesat nk cari Bilik Teratai. Ceh, pusing satu KMKN nk cari bilik ni haram...


" He is not just ordinary 'budak kelantan", for me he is someone that u can rely on and at the same time have good sense of humour. "

The next person yg aku jumpe ialah sorang gadis ni yg sgt loud! I mean loud. Really loud if she project her voice and if she get mad at something. So, beware! hahahaha...Her name is Syahirah. We are from the same school which is MRSM Gemencheh. Although she a bit kerek sometimes, however she is actually have caring personality. I know her, I can see her true personality when she tried to help me whenever I need her help. Mcm2 lah..byk nak ckp ni...and jgn maen2 die ni byk info pasl general knowledge. Dont be surprised that one day she will become one of our Menteri. Muahahahah.....and lastly she have a big laugh, I mean BIG LAUGH...u can hear from miles. hehee...jgn mara...upps..


"Caring, responsible, hardworking and good listener"

Seterusnya! Fatin. woho...the genius in class..oh man...she is very clever. Frankly, a little bit jealous. But, normal la...jelez kat budak pandai, sape tak jelez. She has the best smile in the class, yes you do Fatin. For me, she is the best when the time I need a mentor for my studies. She will help me in achieving greatness in all aspects of my life. I mean she will do her best. Susah dpt kwan camni. Tak ramai yg kat luar sane tuh macam die. Pernah satu hari tuh, malam tuu ade kuiz maths, and aku sepatah haram pon tak blaja and tak tau camner nk buat. So, aku anta mesej kat die ckp I desperately need her help and ad hock she helped me.Wow, sgt terharu....aku pon cam best la..haha...n alhamdulillah aku dpt A and thanks to her....Fatin, hg hebat la....n bile aku rase susah mesti hg tolong ceriakan aku...indirectly and directly...


" Never let me down, always give the best, always smile and never underestimate your friend's capability"

Noktah. Hahaha....Diana yg sering menceriakan suasana kelas yg adakalanya suram. Best budak ni. She is someone that u can trust and the best thing is she can lead. She is a leader to me. Budak ni byk idea. Sgt byk. Various ideas gitu...hehe....byk idea yg dapt digunakan and kalo da dapat idea tuh mmg die akan gunekan idea tu..of cos la...ape aku merepek nih...uurrggh...and she is very attractive and talkative. Yeah, she talk a lot  most of the time. Wuhuu...Die selalu gk buat lawak...tak pernah boring ngn die..


"Various ideas, sunshine of the class, always humor me, and a good company"

Yg ni plg best. Dok ngn die mesti tak kering gusi...Asyik nk gelak je keje.. Farhana!!! Hahaha...She always smile whenever she had the chance and she always make fun of everything directly or indirectly. Mksd aku sume bende die buat mesti aku nk tergelak. Die tak buat lawak pon tp disebabkan sifat semula jadi die yg lwak membuatkan aku nk tergelak je. She can be describe as a class clown. Selalu buat lwak. You know what Farhana, each and everyone of us adore you and that's true. Plus, die nii pandai dlm bidang agama.yalah product dari sekolah agama. heeeee ..


" Reliable, caring, funny, person that I respect the most. "

Fairuz pulak! Heeeee......Ok.This girl is very interesting to me. She is very fragile. She will cry about everything. Me and Harith always try to bully her in good way and the best part is she wont put a fight. She is very sporting and sempoi! Haha...I feel very protective of her. Kalo ape jadi kat die, siaplah. Aku akan datang back up! Tuu dia! Dont worry Fairuz, me and Harith ade...wah... ok. We love u Fairuz and be strong!


" Hardworking, good listener, always make me laugh"

Ok selepas sume 6 org ni aku jumpe, budak second intake dtg..and the first person is the one yg knock my door to introduce himself. Yes, Azzam. Huhu. He is someone that you can trust and can be a good listener. One thing for sure, he is very good in computer stuffs and I called him a down loader. It is because he will download movies, games, musics and others and he will supply to us. That will make us shift focus. Bad Azzam. But its okay though, for me. heeeeeee...nice Azzam and one last thing, I'm sorry for the insulting. I know deep down inside you get hurt so badly because of that. I'm sorry. heeee....


" Understanding person, the most patient person I have ever met, I respect you lah..."

Farihah pulak! This girl huh is 1 year older than me. Kakak Farihah! She is very clever no wonder lah...She is someone that you can follow means that role model. She is very hardworking and we have the same hobby sleep. I think la...aku maen ckp je. Die dok sebelah aku. She is very kind. Ade mamat! heeeee...kalo nak jumpe die pegi la ppkk.....tuu je...Nothing much to say. I'l be missing you kak Farihah!


" Clever, supportive, good friend "

Org kate save the best for the last. Hahah....Rusydatul Nabila. Name that I can describe as unique. I love it. She is very humble in class. Keep quiet all the time but when she open her mouth. Wooww!! mmg dasyat!! She used to participate in debate. No wonder lah.....haha...She is hardworking and fast. All the work that being given to her, she will complete it ASAP. very fast girl. She is punctual and one thing that I like about her hehehee....bile kelas abeh je, die org pertama yg lesap. hahaha....tgk2 da hilang! wah!!! cepatnyer...sorry...jgn mara ye...


" Small profile but high profit, I still remember that quotation, such an inspiring words from you and make me feel like I have to better at something"

There you go. All my classmate yg aku chenta! hahaha...thanks guys for the lovely memories that we had together. I will remember all time that we spend together until I die. Thanks guys!!!!