Thursday, March 31, 2011

All she knows

Once again I'm hurting you,
Tears running from your eyes.
And I'm on the other side,
Knowing that you want me,
But I cant do anything,
I'm so helpless dear.

Everyday same old things,
So used to feeling pain,
Never had a real love before,
that's why,
And it ain't your fault.

You know better but
you cant help it,
Want to tell you but
that will be so selfish,

How do you heal,
A heart that cant feel, it's broken.

His love is all you know, all you know......

You've been doing like this for so long,
You dont know the difference?
The way I'm avoiding you..
It's killing me.
You can have so much more,
yet I'm the one you looking for..
But still I'm close my eyes on you,
So I cant see you....
Hope you will understand, someday....

I know you know...but I'm still hoping that you will do the right thing...