Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Spinal Cord Cancer

Fuh, alhamdulillah..I' ve done my presentation about my research. Spinal Cord cancer. What a cancer. After all the preparation, it's worth it. I know what I'm capable of and I know that I can be better if I work hard enough to prepare for the presentation. What's done is done! Like Macbeth's quote. It is like a giant relief to know that the presentation was over. 

That is spinal cord FYI. heee...I want to share with you guys about my spinal cord cancer. A cancerous growth or should I say mass of growth that occur in or surrounding the spinal cord. haha...Sleepy? Boring? YEAH.. That' what I thought. hehe. Walaupun boring pown, aku nk kowang bace gk. 
You guys have to know the symptoms if you want to make sure that you have the cancer. 
The symptoms are :
1. Abnormal sensation or loss of sensation.
2. Cold sensation of your legs and fingers or other parts of your body.
3. Fecal incontinence (nk tau tny aku)
4. Urinary incontinence
5. Muscle contraction
6. Muscle function loss
7. Muscle weakness.

Kalau kowang nk make sure 100% yg kowang dpt cancer nih:
die ade test die..kau gi hospital berdekatan, kau pegi check
they will use many test on you ( haha...jgn risau)
tests include:
1. ADH Test
2. Cerebrospinal examination
3. Spinal CT scan
4. Spinal MRI
5. Spinal X-ray.

and if you have the cancer, walaupun da check dah...jgn risau...ade treatment die..
treatments include:
1. Corticosteroids- to prevent the inflammation and swelling
2. Surgery may be needed (kalo terok)
3. Radiation therapy
4. Chemotherapy
5. Physical therapy.

Lastly, haha..da abeh da....tak boring sebenarnye if you guys actually focus and think what is best for you...Future....!!

Monday, December 6, 2010

Maal Hijrah.

Maal Hijrah, which is also called Awal Muharram, is an important day for muslim. It falls on the first day on Muharram on every muslim calendar. The meaning of Maal Hijrah in English is migration. On this day, muslim remember Nabi Muhammad S.A.W from Makkah to Madinah on the year 622 A.D. Besides, Maal Hijrah also mean changes from bad to good side and can be said as starting point and evaluate inner-self on self achievement.

Awal means beginning in English and Muharram is the first month of muslim calendar. In another words, this is the first day in muslim calendar. Therefore, this is also the new year for all muslim.

This day has become an important religious day for all muslim. All the mosque will have solat sunat and recite the doa for the end of year and also the beginnig of the year. For end of the year doa, after we have done our Asar prayer or before the maghrib prayer and the the beginning of the year after Maghrib prayer.

Untuk pengetahuan rakan2, doa akhir tahun hendaklah dibaca 3 kali pada akhir waktu Asar atau sebelum masuk waktu Maghrib pada akhir bulan Zulhijjah, as i said before.

Sape2 yg bace doa ni, syaitan akan berkata:
"Kesusahan bagiku dan sia-sialah pekerjaanku menggoda anak Adam pada setahun ini dan Allah binasakan aku satu saat jua. Dengan sebab menbaca doa ini, Allah ampunkan dosanya setahun."

Sgtlah penting dan bgus bg sape2 yg buat. Rugi okay kalo tak buat....

Salam Maal Hijrah 1432...

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Never Give Up

Even if u fail, doesn't mean that u fail forever. Try again Azuan to do the best that u can, U can do it. I can do it. Everyone can do it. InsyaAllah...

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

ABO Blood Group Inheritance

Today, i just had a blood test. It is just for experiment to determine the blood group. So, my blood group is B rhesus +ve....Thank god! Hee...First of all we need to clean our hands first. Ye la to wash all the dirt or daki to prevent from bacteria. And then we put some ethanol to our fingertip (middle finger) hehee...and then prick the middle finger using sterilized lancet. The best part was i used the lancet (sterilized) im the one who used it first because everyone else takot nak gune lancet. Patu barulah ade org follow... Others used lancing device which was easier and less painful. Paling tak thn la...ade la seorang kwn nih..membe aku katakan...mule2 aku tolong die cucuk, keluar darah la..biase lah..profession aku akan dtg Insyallah..hehe..sng je...tp die buat kat aku, huh..byk kali tak kluar...brape byk kesan cucuk kat jari aku....mcm nak balas dendam hehehe.... Kebas gak tgn aku...tp tkpe...AKU KAN KUAT. chheeehhh.....

(lancet yg sterilized punye) Tajam oh..

(lancing device) tak saket punye...skejap je..

But anyway, all the procedure and experiment were done successfully without any complication and mistakes. And aku seronok buat bende nih..Byk perkara yg berlaku buat aku tersenyum sepanjang process experiment dijalankan..heee...

Ade gk dlm kalangan membe aku dpt Rhesus -ve tp takpe jgn risau...ade solution die.....

this my friend 's blood type, Harith Afifi..he got A blood type. Unfortunately, he got rhesus -ve.

next, Ahmad Azzamuddin, A blood type. Rhesus +ve.

and me! B blood type. Rhesus +ve.

Hee...analyzing my blood type...Poyo giler..

Next!!!!!!!! heeeee