Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Spinal Cord Cancer

Fuh, alhamdulillah..I' ve done my presentation about my research. Spinal Cord cancer. What a cancer. After all the preparation, it's worth it. I know what I'm capable of and I know that I can be better if I work hard enough to prepare for the presentation. What's done is done! Like Macbeth's quote. It is like a giant relief to know that the presentation was over. 

That is spinal cord FYI. heee...I want to share with you guys about my spinal cord cancer. A cancerous growth or should I say mass of growth that occur in or surrounding the spinal cord. haha...Sleepy? Boring? YEAH.. That' what I thought. hehe. Walaupun boring pown, aku nk kowang bace gk. 
You guys have to know the symptoms if you want to make sure that you have the cancer. 
The symptoms are :
1. Abnormal sensation or loss of sensation.
2. Cold sensation of your legs and fingers or other parts of your body.
3. Fecal incontinence (nk tau tny aku)
4. Urinary incontinence
5. Muscle contraction
6. Muscle function loss
7. Muscle weakness.

Kalau kowang nk make sure 100% yg kowang dpt cancer nih:
die ade test die..kau gi hospital berdekatan, kau pegi check
they will use many test on you ( haha...jgn risau)
tests include:
1. ADH Test
2. Cerebrospinal examination
3. Spinal CT scan
4. Spinal MRI
5. Spinal X-ray.

and if you have the cancer, walaupun da check dah...jgn risau...ade treatment die..
treatments include:
1. Corticosteroids- to prevent the inflammation and swelling
2. Surgery may be needed (kalo terok)
3. Radiation therapy
4. Chemotherapy
5. Physical therapy.

Lastly, haha..da abeh da....tak boring sebenarnye if you guys actually focus and think what is best for you...Future....!!


  1. btol...
    neva thought salivary gland cancer would b so interesting too..

    nice presntation ysterday...:)