Thursday, February 23, 2012


Day by day,
my money gone away,
each and every single day,
I buy something to eat and it is not okay,
How am I supposed to live happily day by day,
Why my money keep running away,
Please, come back to me weyh!!

Dear Ayah n Mak....hehehehehe.....

Monday, February 20, 2012

Baralek nya urang, bilo tibo maso awak nyo..?

"Baralek nya urang, bilo tibo maso awak nyo..? " Haha. Test2 bahasa minang la pulak. Yesterday, my 'kelompok' and I went to Seli punye brother's wedding. (Terok bhasa aku). It is my first time I saw minang's wedding. Unfortunately, we missed the fully ceremony. We went there just to makan. However, we manage to get to know her brother and also her sister in law. So damn pretty. The wedding is exactly the same like ours in Malaysia but the style a bit different. How to describe it, erm...Over the top!  Yeah, to many decorations, I think. I dont know, I used to go to many weddings in Malaysia with my mom. So, boleh la nak katekan pro sket tentang perkahwinan nih...(the other side of me...)...Plus, I have two sisters and they all got married already. Okay..thanks to my friend Novia Marselina for the invitation.

Oh almost forgot, "Baralek nya urang, bilo tibo maso awak nyo..? "..... means that...." diowang dah kawen, bile time aku pulak?"  Hehehe....

Peace out!!

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Apa pun yang terjadi.......everything's gonna be okay...

Ketika mimpimu
yang begitu indah 
tak pernah terwujud
ya sudah lah..

Saat kau berlari mengejar anganmu
dan tak pernah sampai..
ya sudah la..

Apapun yang terjadi 
ku kan selalu ada untuk mu
jangan lah kau bersedih 
cause everything's gonna be okay..


Satu dari sekian kemungkinan
kau jatuh tanpa ada harapan
saat itu raga kupersembahkan
bersama jiwa, cita-cita dan 

Kita sambung satu persatu sebab akibat
tapi tenanglah mata hati kita kan lihat
menuntun ke arah mata angin bahagia
kau dan aku tahu jalan selalu ada

Juga ku tahu lagi problema kan terus menerjang
bagai deras ombak yang menabral karang
namun ku tahu ku tahu kau
mampu tuk tetap tenang
hadapi bersamaku hingga akhir datang


Saat kau berharap
keramahan cinta
tak pernah kau dapat
ya sudahlah

Dengar ku bernyanyi
semua ini belum berakhir

Apapun yang terjadi
ku kan selalu ada untuk mu
jangan lah kau bersedih
cause everything's gonna be okay..


Satu langkah
langkah yang beriring
genggam hati rangkul emosi

genggamlah hatiku
satukan langkah kita

Sama rasa tanpa pamrih
ini cinta across the sea

peluklah diriku terbang bersamaku
melayang jauhhh...woo..woo..
yeahhh...(come fly with me baby)


Ini aku dari ujung rambut menyusur jemari
sosok ini yang menerima kelemahan hati
yeah...aku cinta kau..ini cinta kita..
cukup satu waktu yes untuk satu cinta

Satu cinta ini akan tuntun jalanku
rapatkan jiwamu yo tenang disisiku
rebahkan rasamu untuk yang ditunggu
bahagia hingga ujung waktu


Apapun yang terjadi
ku kan selalu ada untuk mu
jangan lah kau bersedih
cause everything's gonna be okay..

Apapun yang terjadi
ku kan selalu ada untuk mu
jangan lah kau bersedih
cause everything's gonna be okay..

         Dengar ku bernyanyi.........

I know this might sound stupid to you.
Hope to meet you in the future when I'm ready. I chose this path because I'm scared that I might ended up losing my interest and stop liking you like the way I first met you. I intentionally want to go away as far as I can before I turn this casual relationship into serious one. I've set the barrier only to protect you and little to protect myself. I don't care if you want to samekan aku dgn laki2 yg kat luar tu....I don't care. I understand. My fault. Frankly, all men in this world adalah sama secara lumrahnye...
To be hurt and try to deal with it is too much. Sorry. 
Thanks for the book. I like it. 
We both have dreams. Doctors.
We once had a conversation that who's gonna finish our studies first...who's gonna be a doctor first..
But that conversation just became an old memory. 
You'll find your way and I'll find mine.
I pray that you will find someone. If its me then, so be it. Maybe I'm blind but we will see...
My purpose for doing this isn't giving you hope or something to discuss or whatsoever... Jaoh sama sekali...
My truly purpose is to let you know the exact feeling that I have. Trust me, I'm not lying.
I'm the biggest liar in this world but for this, believe me this is true.
and for that matter I'm really sorry. 
Hope you that you will find this as a step to treat me like a normal friend when you see me in the future and I'm so sorry again. Banyak puulak mmg aku minx maap..
I know you are a tough girl. Heartless is a word that describe you.
No matter how hard life can be, you still managed to deal with it.

So, apapun yg terjadi......
Everything's gonna be okay......

trust me.

Friday, February 10, 2012


Sunday, 29th January.
Cuti-cuti Indonesia!!! Hahaha... Another cuti-cuti Indonesia. This time it was Painan. Two different places. Timbulun waterfall and Carocok beach. Fresh water versus salt water. How would you like that! huh!.. Thanks to Abg Shukri for inviting me to go along with him and others seniors and also my batch mates. We were having a blast! It's been a long time since I went to beach and waterfall. Of course the last time we were supposed to go to waterfall at Payakumbuh but unfortunately it is 'kemarau' season. We wasted our time on the road for 5 hours and yet to discover that the waterfall is not a waterfall at all. Ceh! However, we managed to find a place. It is some sort like a water theme park. Yeah like that. We have fun! But enough with that. Sorry.

Back to Painan! Wow!!!!! Timbulun waterfall. Seriously, it is so beautiful and surrounded by nature. The water is so cool and you can see clearly the bottom of the water. For your info, it consists of four levels of waterfall. How cool is that! But we managed to go up to two levels. But seriously, the tranquility is so priceless.

Enough blabbering...lets get to graphics..

Over sebentar ya...hehe..

We have fun!

Makan pun kene ade style!!

Yeah...that's me..

Kat sini dalam gile...aku sowang je yg brani try...serious dalam gile..


After that, we went to Pantai Carocok. There, we rode a banana boat. Plus, I've got the chance to see coral reef. Thanks to abg shuk for his goggle. But before we reached the beach, we all went to bukit (lupa!) to see the whole Painan. Taking photos and enjoy the scenery from higher ground. Tp panas!! But its okay. Enjoy suda!!

Merenung masa depan ye...Ceh!

On our way to Painan beach. Pantai Carocok!!

We still got time to see the sunset. Subhannallah..

Thanks to Abg Shuk and Kak Ain for inviting me personally to join them. I'm very glad that we went there. After the exam we really need a break. Thank you!!!!!!!!!!