Friday, February 10, 2012


Sunday, 29th January.
Cuti-cuti Indonesia!!! Hahaha... Another cuti-cuti Indonesia. This time it was Painan. Two different places. Timbulun waterfall and Carocok beach. Fresh water versus salt water. How would you like that! huh!.. Thanks to Abg Shukri for inviting me to go along with him and others seniors and also my batch mates. We were having a blast! It's been a long time since I went to beach and waterfall. Of course the last time we were supposed to go to waterfall at Payakumbuh but unfortunately it is 'kemarau' season. We wasted our time on the road for 5 hours and yet to discover that the waterfall is not a waterfall at all. Ceh! However, we managed to find a place. It is some sort like a water theme park. Yeah like that. We have fun! But enough with that. Sorry.

Back to Painan! Wow!!!!! Timbulun waterfall. Seriously, it is so beautiful and surrounded by nature. The water is so cool and you can see clearly the bottom of the water. For your info, it consists of four levels of waterfall. How cool is that! But we managed to go up to two levels. But seriously, the tranquility is so priceless.

Enough blabbering...lets get to graphics..

Over sebentar ya...hehe..

We have fun!

Makan pun kene ade style!!

Yeah...that's me..

Kat sini dalam gile...aku sowang je yg brani try...serious dalam gile..


After that, we went to Pantai Carocok. There, we rode a banana boat. Plus, I've got the chance to see coral reef. Thanks to abg shuk for his goggle. But before we reached the beach, we all went to bukit (lupa!) to see the whole Painan. Taking photos and enjoy the scenery from higher ground. Tp panas!! But its okay. Enjoy suda!!

Merenung masa depan ye...Ceh!

On our way to Painan beach. Pantai Carocok!!

We still got time to see the sunset. Subhannallah..

Thanks to Abg Shuk and Kak Ain for inviting me personally to join them. I'm very glad that we went there. After the exam we really need a break. Thank you!!!!!!!!!!


  1. terbaik...
    sweet memories from painan~
    hope that we can have something more interesting later..still got time here~
    5 years to go!

  2. insyaAllah... planning must be done...