Monday, February 20, 2012

Baralek nya urang, bilo tibo maso awak nyo..?

"Baralek nya urang, bilo tibo maso awak nyo..? " Haha. Test2 bahasa minang la pulak. Yesterday, my 'kelompok' and I went to Seli punye brother's wedding. (Terok bhasa aku). It is my first time I saw minang's wedding. Unfortunately, we missed the fully ceremony. We went there just to makan. However, we manage to get to know her brother and also her sister in law. So damn pretty. The wedding is exactly the same like ours in Malaysia but the style a bit different. How to describe it, erm...Over the top!  Yeah, to many decorations, I think. I dont know, I used to go to many weddings in Malaysia with my mom. So, boleh la nak katekan pro sket tentang perkahwinan nih...(the other side of me...)...Plus, I have two sisters and they all got married already. Okay..thanks to my friend Novia Marselina for the invitation.

Oh almost forgot, "Baralek nya urang, bilo tibo maso awak nyo..? "..... means that...." diowang dah kawen, bile time aku pulak?"  Hehehe....

Peace out!!

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