Saturday, November 12, 2016

Go away...

Haha. I think my blog is turning into my personal diary. Who the fuck cares???!! I wonder why I feel like a bitch sometimes but I want to slap every couple in their faces. I feel like want to explode for no reason and kick in their stomach so that they can stop being cute and lovey dovey. Yikes. What the hell is wrong with me???????!!! 

Jealousy maybe? Oh shit. Why god? Why? Why put me in this position? 
Ya Allah berikanlah aku ketenangan supaya aku dapat menjalani kehidupan aku dengan normal dan tidak mengikut perasaan

I don't need that right now. I need to focus on my studies and let me be at peace. 

Because of you guys, who perfect for each other and cute and lovely and !!$!$#$%#^%#^$%..... made me think of one person who currently.. I don't know like me or not.  Stop it. I cant take it anymore. I'm jealous of you guys.

I'm madly in love with someone that I dont think I have a shot with. For the past 3 years, I've being so cool about it and thinking that its not the right time. You stupid son of a bitch Azuan. You decided to confess to her like a moron and end up you feel like shit. Every single day you wait for her to text you. I dont want this. Why god? Why?????

I want someone who I can share my thoughts and anything. Someone who has feelings for each other. Someone I can have deep conversations with who understand everything and opposite sex. I want that. With you. I dont want to waste my time searching for someone else. Arghhhh....

And plus my best friend who are now happy with his and you feel jealous because deep down inside you want the same kind of thing. Stupid. You cant force love and you already know that. But still Azuan, why??? Why you do that??? 

I wish I can take back what I did. I shouldn't confess to her. Now you feel miserable because of that. And everytime you watch them together and see them texting you feel like shit.  

Azuan. You stupid son of a bitch. Damn you. 

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