Saturday, June 4, 2011

"Azuan dah kembang lah"...

Yes. Memang tak dapat dinafikan bhw saya dah kembang. Ceh, tak bangge pon tp tuu la. Happy kot. Haha..But for me, I think maybe hormon. Ye la. Transformasi lah kan. Remaja ke dewasa. Tambah berat la sket. Heeee..Sket je...So, because of this I want to blog about obesity. Yeah, of course I want to change that. I want to lose a bit of my excess fat. Sket je...hehe..So, here we go!

First of all, kene lah tahu what is overweight (gemuk/berisi/kembang! haha) kan. Taklah sume mcm maen ckp je..Muhahaha! Okay, what is overweight? Overweight or obesity tuu same lah. Both are labels for ranges of weight that are greater from the ideal weight that consider healthy for a given height. Kene tgk gak kowang nyer tinggi dan berat badan. Kene seimbang. Kalo cam aku, aku kan tinggi so berat pun kene seimbang.

How to consider yourself as an overweight person? Haha. Okay, you have to know your weight and height. By using that, you can calculate your 'Body mass index' (BMI). It used to know your body fat amount.

Okay let just end this craps!

Now, I want to share with you guys about my plan for weight loss. Yeah! I searched the internet for articles that may help in the process of losing my weight. Hahaha. Finally, after many pages I searched, I find this articles very helpful and informative. Wah...haha...

It is about the easiest steps to lose weight. You can search yahoo or google for this or you can simply read directly from my blog.

The title for this article is :

11 Foods for Faster, Easier, Weight Loss

I find that this is very helpful for me because I want to have a slim body. Cehh....haha..

1) Yogurt

Mmmmm. This creamy, tangy snack is loaded with calcium and studies show that calcium may curtail weight gain by hindering the absorption of fat in the small intestine. Same la kot kalo kowang minum Yakult. hehehe..

2) Eggs

Turn breakfast into fat-burning morning boost by skipping Nasi Lemak and feasting on a couple of eggs instead. It helps to reduce 65% of body weight.

3) Pistachios

Nuts may be high in fat but it's the healthful unsaturated kind of fat found in the pistachios. It offers a lot of protein and fiber. It helps your appetites and lose more weight.

4) Grapefruit

Grapefruit. Aku igt buah limau bali kot. Aku pon tak tau. But its okay maybe you guys know. Okay, this grapefruit can help dieters shed more weight than the others that skip appetizers. 

5) Avocado

6) Mushrooms

7) Olive oil

8) Whole Grains

9) Red Pepper 

10) Fava beans

11) Rice with Veggies

Yeah, that is pretty much it how to reduce your body weight. If you want the easier way to effectively and permanently, you need to eat smart. Hahaha..I want to try! yeah!



  1. all the best in the mission to become a soul-called `slim` azuan =)

  2. im so going to eat all those yummy food esp yogurt! come home la wawan oi, belanja aku mkn tutti fruity. kita sama2 kurus ok? haha.