Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Armpit Odour...Oh man...

Everybody must have the same problem. Practically men and women are the same. Yeah, sume ade bende ni. Lagi2 lelaki. Bau badan lah, kaki la sume. A common but most irritating form of body odour is armpit odour. Yeah. Lately this kind of odour is a major problem to me. Before this, I can manage this problem at ease. But after I shaved my armpit, it became more stink because of the sweat. Grrrr.......Maken byk kluar plak air die. Mmg jijik tp saje nk share sbb kalo ade suggestion ke leh gtaw. Hehehe....

From what I know, the sweat does not influence the stink. It is because after some time when it gets exposed to atmosphere, the active bacteria will rapidly multiplied. The bacteria will generate the odour actually not the sweat glands. So, way to prevent odour is immediately swipe your fluid that came out from ur armpit. Tp susah la kalo gi mane2 mesti nmpk basah kat bwk ketiak..Malu kot...Ish! Jiwa kacau. Guys please help me!!!


  1. dude..
    its disgustg!
    anway..fairuz krm salam :)

  2. nih..hehe..sorry...ok...ckp kat fairuz..aku ngn harith rindu gile2 kat die..

  3. salam,jejln kt cni.

  4. oh...thanks ye...jalan2 tuh follow la..nk capap sket..heeee