Sunday, June 5, 2011

Tak sangke kau Tauge!!

At last, the cause of this transmission of E.coli disease is actually from bean sprout. What?? Ceh, tuu je. Source said that this transmission starts in German where there is a small scale organic farm that supply bean sprout and others vegetables. Pegawai pertanian di German melaporkan bahawa seramai 22 orang telah pun meninggal dunia dan seramai 2,200 orang lagi jatuh sakit..Tuu dia!

So, kids! Listen up! If u guys really hate vegetables,

 this is the right excuse to tell to your parents. 

Suke kau! ceh! haahhahahahahhaha...



  1. gambar kasi cair betul laa baby kt atas ni.. adorably cute.. aww.. gigi 2 btg.. *melting*