Sunday, February 6, 2011


Dont laugh. Dont judge. Maybe most of my friends think that I'm not that kind of guy that will like something most of the girls like. Who cares! Haha...It is just a simple matter. Not a big problem okay. So guys out there, feel free to do anything that satisfy urself. Dont let anyone thrash u down. Muhaahaha....

Okay what I'm going to tell u guys that, I've just finished my second Korean drama entitled Partner. Oh man, this is not a typical love drama. It is about a two law firm's partners. At first, they start their journey as partners unwillingly for both of them. Best kot. Mule2 cam biase je..lame2 start ade feeling suke same suke tp tak nk confront. haram. Muahahah.....The actor Lee Dong Wook (my idol), and Kim Hyun Joo (lawa gak). Best diowang blakon. This series is not like other korean drama series which is mainly about love. This series shows that partner is important for an individual to achieve greatness in all aspects. Wow...partner that knows what u want, knows how ur true feelings and other stuff.. Best la..Tgk le kalo tak percaye...

p/s: aku tak kesah ape kowang nk ckp. ni suke ati aku la nk tgk.......!!!




  1. this one is good.. at least the atmosphere is not that cliche.. lovey dovey blablabla.. haha.. but don't you dare to start watching another one.. nnt merengek2 tension nk tgk sampai habis.. hahah.. wait for the hols alright.. kejap je lg.. huhu..

  2. madam?!!?!! panggil laa queen ke.. senorita ke.. ahahah..

  3. azuan, aku pun tak tgk lagi tau drama2 korea ni eventho aku layan lagu korea sikit2.dahsat jugak dak azuan ni hihi :D

  4. hahha....takde la, aku ter.. heeee