Sunday, November 14, 2010


Today, Sunday, 9 pm MGI phase 2 dtg kembali utk menyambung ape yg telah dibuat semase phase 1.Frankly i have to say, kali MGI agk hambara and boring. So sorry abg zam but this is the truth. However, aktiviti yg dianjurkan boleh thn hebatnya kerana dpat mengembalikan senyuman di wajah setelah menghadapi standerdize 1 yg agk mengecewakan. Tp takpe, stop bangauing . Teringat kembali motivasi yg telah meninggalkan impak yg besar pada diriku ini pada semester 1 yg lepas. In this phase, we discuss more about trusting friends, how to manage a support group, and find your buddy. All of this can actually help us in doing something that we want to do regardless how hard it can be like example your ambition. We cannot manage to do it on our own. Must have friends or buddy to help us or guide us. So, i think i learn a few things in this phase 2 MGI. I hope that i can deal with this situation because i am a loner actually. I like to do everything by myself not that i am good in many ways but just that i can feel relief or satisfy with what i did. Ok la. Tgk la gamba2 nih......heeeeee

sempoi je...tak formal pon.

pa sistem tak siap2 lagi..ceh.






haha..mus...paling gila..

senang ckp, we enjoy miss class tp berbaloi la gak..sket je..utk release tension..huhuhu

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