Sunday, October 3, 2010

[Semester 1 ]..done!

Ronda-ronda Penang la lepas ni..! Hoho........Perasaan gembira dan puas setelah menghabiskan final sem 1 punyer hard and my confident to get 4.0 flat this semester is begin to fade.... darn...but its okay...i did it my one can judge me the way i prepared myself for this exam. I know i can do better. Its okay if i didnt get good results..( but ill pray hard i will excel in this exam ). U knw what..stop 'bangauing'. Whats done is done...never looked back...move on...this is not the is the beginning of my life being a student that want to further medicine studies....ok la...thats all...(aku mlas nk type lg ehehe)...

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