Sunday, December 1, 2013


Again, I've been ignoring my blog. So what, 'bukan ada org nak baca pun'. Yeah, this post I want to dedicated to all the fucking people and fakers and also to a few people that really pisses me off. Before I continue writing this shit post, I want all of you know that the reason I doing this is to release my fucking tension and not to gain attention purposes. Everywhere I go, there will be some people that always annoys me. Usually the ones that I would say close to me in terms of living together and socializing. I'm not referring to friendship wise though. Many people dont know about me that I can tell people that are sincerely want to be close to me as a friend and just to know me because of my benefits that I have. Fuck that people. These people are not the one that you can trust and be friends with. Because once you dont already hold the benefits that you've had, they will act like they dont even want you to be in their surroundings. Of course they wont tell you in front of your face, their actions speaks for themselves. I hate that. Its very sad because I personally want them to appreciate me for who I am. I know I sounded like very pathetic and fucking loser for saying that. Thing that really pisses me off, the way they ignored me like I never exist in that place. Everytime they got some news to tell or ideas or asking out, they always forget about me living in the same room. Oh yeah, I forgot to mention that I shared room with a guy. Lets call him 'The Pious One' for short TPO. They always go to TPO whenever they had something to talk or discuss and I just stood there minding my own business and pretend that I busy with stuff yet I hear them most of the time like planning to go a trip and hanging out. I'm really really hate that. Its like I'm excluded or something. TPO is for me that the only friend in this shit hole that I will remember for the rest of my life and also he is the most sincere of them all. He's the only person in this shit hole that notices me. Sometimes deep down inside I knew that someday he will be my best friend but I doubt it. Who wants to be best friend with me. That's the problem that I have, once I get too emotionally attached to someone, I will eventually get heartbroken and dissapointed.  Sigh. The problem that I have with TPO that I envied him because of who he really is and sometimes also irritates me because certain things that he forgot to mention. Come on! We share the freaking same room for god sake. Fuck.

Next we move on with the others. One of the fucking idiots that really pisses me of is 'The Talk Big One'. I dont get it with TTBO. He likes to talk big. He wants to do this, wants to buy that, wants to go there, blah blah blah...but in the end nothing. Plus, he also dont appreciate my presence here in this shit hole but he's actually the one that convince me to move in. I dont get it. Always the same shit. I admit that he is one the brightest here and he is hardworking when it comes to exams. So focus of memorizing notes and understanding it. He's so full of himself. His habit is when exams is just around the corner, he likes to show off that he's already memorizing it but he always complains that he does not prepare a shit. Fuck that. Also, words that coming out from his mouth, I doubt it that 100% is true. I think more like 25%. Thats about it. Fuck you.

Yeah, next fucking idiot is 'The Arrogant One'. TAO is the eldest here. He just end his single life and married to his love of his life. Newlyweds. Sigh. They way he treats me like I'm nobody like I have nothing. Ignoring me like I'm useless or something yet constantly tell me to be a leader of a pack that I really really hate doing it. Fucking retards. I knew from his face that he does not like me. He just pretend. Same shit he's been doing like other fucking retards in this shit hole. Like he buy something to eat and never ask me whether I want it or not. Always give to TPO again like I never exist. He is so arrogant. I know that some of his work in our organisations is very good not great. He's very proactive and hardworking but if you want to brag about the work that you've done about how well you managed the work, thats very low and stupid. You are a fucking arrogant.

The other two are 'The Taker' and 'The Orient', you two are excluded. You two are very nice to me and notices me like good housemates do. I dont have nothing bad to say to you but just a little thing about TT, he's always ask me to buy food for him but he always forgot to pay me back or he didn't. I dont know but one thing for sure I'm not from a wealthiest family. So simply understand it. You are a grownup.

I usually dont act like this. Burst it out to the whole world to know. I'm a good person and great with people. I dont know, maybe because of me. They way I present myself to others. I'm not rude and I'm kind. I just want others to notice that. I treat you guys nicely, in return I want you guys to treat me like that as well. It is just the continuous crap that pisses me off and I cant take it.

I'm sorry when I extremely overboard mad, I'm becoming a terrible potty mouth. Extremely.
If someone read this, or even worse someone from the same place, I'm sorry.


  1. manusia jenis fish tu mmg belambak sngt.. annoying dan sngt menyakitkan hati..sumpah kalau boleh rasa nak tenyeh belacan kat muka tu...baru sedaq sket... n manusia tu lagi kita nak jauh makin bnyk pulak Allah bagi kat kita sekeliling..maybe He wants us to trained our heart positively .. walaupun sunggguh sakit.. dulu aku rasa ang ni annoyying dan sombong at last ak penampar balik muka ak sbb rupanya bakal Dr ni ramah dan baik rupanya.... well known his friends and ikhlas ak cakap neh..hee.. ..apapon take care of ur studies, graduate elok2 pastu boleh p jauh2 dari fish tu... okeh.. good luck !!..

  2. just like you said,
    you just have to forgive and go with the flow..
    nothing much. enjoy your life.