Friday, July 22, 2011


Girl, you deserved more than empty words,

and I believed everything you've said to me.

And I gave you the best I have.

So take a bow.

Cause this scene is coming to an end.

You give me love.

All I give you was pretend.

That's not fair to you.

So now, take a bow......


  1. just, stop making me cry. it hurts. and you know very well to make me happy again. for me, it's not this. but it's okay. i won't blame you. my bad. you've the right.

  2. aku faham..
    next time, whoever your girl is, jgn buat dia mcm kau buat aku tau? like you said, you know kau takkan dpt pmpn mcm aku dah.. aku taknak kau asyek kne marah dgn sape2 pmpn pn.. and, do remain if you have start later on okay?

    one more thing, takyah wish aku jmpe org laen, better guy blablabla whatsoever. you know how i have a deep hope on Him kn? so, i'll just do what my heart believes. I'll wait. and, don't bother. aku rse kau cukup knal aku. i wont regret on my own decision no matter how it'll turn out later. and for the time being, i believe that i should just wait.

    lastly, all the best. kalau ada problem, tell Him. i wish you want me to be there but i know He'll be your best companion. (look who's talking. mcmlaa aku reti sgt bab2 ni.. haha..)

    oh, and promise me kau akan jd senior aku kt hospital 5 years from now okay?
    okay then, goodbye dear lancelot... ;')