Thursday, April 14, 2011


Not like disaster or anything but it does have the same effects u know..the difference is u just can feel it beneath ur soul. Arrggghhh still painful but I can manage it. I know I can. Through all the frustration, denial, regretting, and all the negative stuff, I manage to deal with it with a charm. Hehee...Okay, the best way to deal ur stress, anger, depression and many more ways are.....

First of all......Scream!!

then after u felt more relax (a little)...

U curse!!! say out loud, cry, say what u wanna say...I know this the worst thing to good...haha..but it helps when u are in bad bad bad bad condition...please dont judge..this is my way..

Then, u pray....tak kesah religion ape2 pon...but my religion is Islam..and Islam taught me to deal with ur stress by praying. It helps a lot! Pray for forgiveness... Plus with zikir. Selalulah berzikir my friends.. Allah is always beside us. 

Hehe...Next my favorite! Eat!!!!! ...I eat a lot. I mean a lot..For those yg kenal aku, heheh...u know la what I meant. Haha.....Yeah, the best way to forget all the bad past is to eat. tak kesah la ape2 pon asalkan sedap...for me chocolates works! Burgers! French Fries! yum.......

Tergoda? I know right...hahaha...

Next, tak cukup syarat kalo tak tgk movies!!!!

then....sing out loud!!!! aku mmg suke malalak...haha...try it...sape yg suke nyanyi..bende ni mmg berkesan...yeah!

Okay thats all...inilah cara aku untuk me-releasekan tension....haha...yeah...this is my way.....n finally u end up wit a smiley face!



  1. chocolates~~ T.T
    i remember ur first gift.. well, sort of laa..
    kinder bueno.. huuuu.. **terliur tgh2 malam ni nak cari chocs kat mana.. salah kau laa ni tunjuk kt sini.. haha..**

  2. chocs kat atas tuu sedap.. teringat dulu kau bg kinder bueno kt aku mse mula2 kawan.. tgh2 malam ni bce blog kau, tbe2 teringin chocs tu.. nk cari kt mana.. malam mne de kedai bukak~ :)

  3. haha.. tu je nk cakap pun sebenarnya~ ;p