Sunday, August 15, 2010

Keep your spirit up!

Tomorrow is the last day for standardize 3. Biology and Chemistry. My favorite subjects! (i think). Haha. As you all know that this month is fasting month. So, it is very exhausting day yet exhilarating because i've just finished my Mathematics and English tests. Wow! Im so relief that i have already finished my Maths tests. However, this is not the end of it. I have to strive for 4.0 GPA if i want to further my studies in medicine. RCMP here i come. This is for you mak and ayah! and also my siblings!


Hehe. As usual, i like to study in library at this time. I prefer not to study in my room. You know what I mean. Sleep like a baby! I challenge myself to stay awake even though my eyes carried a tons of rock! Haha. Usually I  go to the psp (library) with my buddy (ex-schoolmate, neighbor) Acap, but this day Besta! accompanied me.....
Blaja, blaja, blaja, blaja!!!!

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